Does vitamin K help against corona?

Pharmacist Sonja Keizers answers questions about medicines. This time: Does vitamin K help against corona?

I heard on the news that vitamin K contributes to a better recovery of patients after a corona attack. Is this correct? And can I take vitamin K in addition to other medicines?


Earlier this year, researchers in Nijmegen discovered that corona patients who become seriously ill or die have very low vitamin K levels in their blood. Vitamin K is important for blood clotting, among other things. Thanks to this research, we now know that there is a connection between vitamin K and a serious course of the corona. But that does not mean that vitamin K is an effective medicine against corona. Let alone that there would be a positive effect of taking extra vitamin K by healthy people. Too much vitamin K can even be dangerous when you use blood thinners from the thrombosis service because it counteracts the effect of these medicines and can lead to the formation of blood clots.

The best medicine against corona – besides observing the basic rules – is patience until there is a proven effective vaccine or treatment.

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