Crowdcast common issues and how to solve them

Other questions

I have put in the password and then my email and then I get a spinning wheel of doom loading and nothing has happened. What do I do?

Suggested solutions

  • Refresh the page and start again
    • Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and try with that
    • Use incognito window in Google Chrome (Mac =  ⌘ + shift + N) and windows (control + shift +n) and try again

I am an audience member of the conference and no one can see me or hear me?

Suggested solution

As an audience member of this conference, it will only be the host and invited speakers who can be seen or heard. If you wish to ask a question then please refer to the “Ask a question” button.

Crowdcast has a handy Attendee guide here

I have already registered on Crowdcast, and when I went back to the event, it asked me to send a login email. I clicked on the link and I never got one. What do I do?

Suggested solutions

  • Check your junk email box to make sure the link hasn’t ended up there.

    If not:
  • Use Google Chrome and an incognito window and try again.
    • No luck? Use a different email to register.
    • Don’t have another email but definitely registered? Email and tell us your name and email your used. We will “unregister” your email and will let you know when you can re-register with that email again.

I can see people on the screens but they are not talking?

See if your browser tab has muted itself by default – right click on the tab and unmute it e.g

The speaker has gone silent for me? I cannot hear what anyone is saying?

Suggested solutions

  • Muted browser? See point 3.
    • Refresh your page and ensure you’re using google chrome or firefox
    • Could be a technological issue for the speaker, try waiting and seeing if the host says that this may be the case in the chat.

I have registered to the event, and cannot see a live session, only a replay of what has already happened? Or I am not in the correct session, how do I change session? What do I do?

            Suggested solutions

 Click on the (more) link and there will be a drop down of the sessions. Click on the session you want to see and if it is live then there will be a host and a speaker.

I am a speaker at Frontiers in TBI 2020 and when I speak, it echoes. What do I do?

Solution suggestions

  • Turn your speakers down as it is usually due to your microphone being very close to your speakers
  • Plug in some headphones or headset with microphone

I am a speaker and I can’t share my screen.

Solution suggestions

  • You may have already asked to share the window and the share screen button is not showing up again – refresh the page.
  • Change to an incognito Google Chrome tab (Mac =  ⌘ + shift + N) and windows (control + shift +n) whilst in google chrome and try again
  • Could be your university security sessions. Ask Frontiers committee to present your slides for you.

I can’t make all of the sessions. Will there be replays available?

Yes, replays will be available for all sessions and you will be able to view them at your own leisure.

This sounds like a great conference. How do I join in?

Great! You will need to register and follow the instructions on our “How to Join” page.