The Frontiers in TBI 2020 Conference will be hosted on Crowdcast – an online platform which works in your browser and does not require a download. Instructions for joining are below:

  • To join the conference, first REGISTER.
    Following the link, you will be sent to our eventbrite page where you can register for FREE! You will be sent the password to the crowdcast online page which you will need to join the event.
  • Open your browser and follow the link to the Frontiers in TBI 2020 Crowdcast page. It should appear like so:

  • Select the ‘Sign back in’ button highlighted in red above. This will take you to a registration page that will look like the following, where you will need to enter your email address (or use other platforms listed below):

  • Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Crowdcast, you will be asked to some information. Feel free to add any additional information into the ‘Name’ section – eg. “John Doe – University of Life”

  • If you haven’t already, please enter the password we will have sent you in the password box highlighted in red. Doing so will allow you to enter the conference space!

  • Congratulations, you have now joined the Frontiers in TBI 2020 Conference! Feel free to join sessions at your leisure. If you close your browser, you can re-join the conference at any time by using the same set of instructions above and by using the same email address you have registered with. Sessions can be viewed in the top right corner by selecting (more…) – highlighted in red below, and you can select which session you would like to attend.

Please feel free to interact with speakers using the chat button or by asking a question. Enjoy!

If you have any issues on the day, feel free to send us an email: or interact with us via Twitter!